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This Year is going to be BIG!!

We are still feeling the eclipses of November and December 2020 and we have just had the very recent move of Jupiter and Saturn move into Aquarius. There will be more Wake Up Calls during this month with Jupiter / Uranus Clash on 17th, so this is not a month that is gentle in its beginning. ‘Start as you mean to go on’ is a well worn phrase and this has never been so True as now!

So , if you want to Start the Year with a Tune up, then Lets share together in a Fun, Open Hearted, Surfing The Waves Workshop.

You are all invited Lovely Friends to dance, shake, sing and move your bodies. I will hold the space, guide and teach and we can talk about the Changes of the coming Year.

Just Book , send me a Donation Exchange £25 Minimum and I will invite you to the space through Zoom.

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