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Sunday 31st October
Nature is a part of us and we are a part of natural earth. Autumn is the season that is about letting go and releasing. Samhain is the time of the year where we are present to what has left us.
The cycle of nature is expansion and contraction. We cannot begin something new without ending. Change is going through this process of beginnings and endings, on a day to day basis…even minute to minute as we breathe in and out. Our whole system is being eliminated and regenerated all the time and we are not conscious of it. There are changes that we go through that does push us to know the cycle of change. Ending a relationship, moving house or job. One of the most powerful changes is death of a loved one, this is when we go through a huge change in consciousness when the person we loved suddenly is no longer with us physically. We begin to go deeper into the process of change in a much more visceral experience of letting go.
In this space, we are going to go deeper with the process of change , honouring the changes we have personally gone through in the last year using breath, meditation and kundalini yoga.
Spaces are limited…if you would like to book, please make payment £25 to my bank account and message me to let me know as I would like to share what to bring with you for the day.
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