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Daily meditation is our spiritual work.
Acceptance of this and our surrender to the process allows us to consent to the presence of spirit within us and we stop trying and start allowing ourselves to dissolve into the unknown.
Saying YES to the unknown requires faith and trust. Sometimes we can do it and sometimes not – but each YES builds to another YES and slowly we open to TRUST.
Meditation is scary, we don’t know what we will become. We don’t know how our lives will change.
If I really let spirit into my life what will happen?
So courage is needed to meditate. If you are apprehensive – you already know that meditation is no small thing, not a casual pastime, it is your life’s work.
It is the medium through which you communicate with you as the Infinite and what happens in that space can change anything.
If you are apprehensive, you are already on the path and you have started the work. So why not deepen your experience and increase your skill by going through the 21 Stages of Meditation? It’s a challenge but brings fantastic rewards.
Fri 12th January online 7pm until 8pm
Sat 13th – Sun 14th Jan
Fri 16th Feb 7-8pm
Sat 17th Feb – Sun 18th Feb
Fri 5th April 7pm -8pm
Sat 6th April- Sun 7th April

Course Fee:
Full Course (Three weekends) £600.00
One Journey (One Weekend) £250.00
One Day £125.00
To Book: Either Go to Sahej or Pay via Sat Nadar

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