Holistic Counselling

Moving into these new times, it’s really important to be clear about ourselves. To be transparent, means that we are not perfect but we know where a thought, a habit, perspective comes from. From this awareness, we can make sense of where something comes from in our body, in our minds.

My offering is a new way of working. I am a person centred counsellor and have been working therapeutically with both young people and adults for 30 years. Combining other healing modalities, yoga, breath work, meditation, numerology, and astrology allows a much more holistic approach. From this place, we can come into balance, harmony which allows acceptance and then transformation can happen.

My work is for people who are pioneers/leaders in the new world. My work is for people who work in education, caring professions, empaths and sensitives who find it difficult to be visible, move forward in the way they want it to

Holistic counselling is a non-judgmental and humanistic approach that allows you to find your own answers in life. My first experience of person centred counselling was part of the diploma training course. I was able to delve deep into my own process, with the support of this talking therapy, and let go of many years of conditioning from family, grief, and work through issues I had been holding on to for most of my life.

I offer an initial 30-minute appointment, and then if you would like to work with me, we will agree on the number of sessions and arrange times. We can meet long-term or short-term, and face to face, online, telephone and walk and talk sessions are all available.

The issues I can support you with are: addictions, eating disorders, obsessions, OCD, phobias, self harm, abuse, anxiety, bereavement, depression, loss, post traumatic stress, trauma, personal development, cancer, disability, health related issues, self esteem, sexual identity, infertility, pregnancy related issues, relationships, sexual related issues, anger management, redundancy, spiritual direction, work related issues.

Face to Face

£601hr session

Telephone Sessions

£601hr session


£601hr session

What our clients say

“I have also had counselling sessions with her & found her to be extremely empathetic, a compassionate listener and she has a real breadth of knowledge of tools & practices to help support me.”