Numerology is a powerful tool of self-discovery. I was initially introduced to it when I first came across Kundalini Yoga and found that it held so many deep insights that it completely changed the perception I had of myself.

Numerology has its roots in ancient yogic and tantric teachings. Through calculating your date of birth, I am able to support you to get to know yourself deeper. You may want to take the plunge on a new project, a new business or maybe you need to let go of something that does not serve you.

My biggest inspiration is to support you in your growth and taking the next step in your life, allowing you to embody more of who you are. I will give you tools, meditations and ways of working with your process to take the next step.

30 mins


1 hr


1 hr + follow up


What our clients say

“Sat Nadar is a highly qualified Numerologist who has studied with me directly. She brings a lot of empathy and insight to her interpretation of your Numerology chart, along with yogic insights for healing and personal evolution. Top notch!” 

Nam Hari Kaur Khalsa – Akara Numerology Teacher

“I have had a numerology reading done by Sat Nadar Kaur. I felt at ease, as I was guided through the process. I was able to learn about myself on a deeper level through this reading, also helping me connect to my soul purpose and the areas I needed to work on. I would recommend a numerology reading . Thank you Sat Nadar ji.”