reiki healing

Reiki is a Japanese treatment, meaning universal life energy. Reiki treatments work with your own natural energy system to remove any physical or mental blockages to promote self-healing. I met Reiki when I was 18 at a festival in Edinburgh. I was instantly attracted by it even though I knew nothing at all about it. all My first experience brought me peace and a deep sense of relaxation. So my journey began, working with wonderful healers over the years. I embarked on a unique healing process of reiki shares, powerful group discussions and deep reflective work.

During a reiki session with me, you will lay fully clothed and I will place my hands at various points on or above your body. You may experience a deep, wonderful relaxation while the body re-balances. After the treatment, you may respond in different ways depending on what you need, for example, rejuvenated or emotional.

30 minute Reiki Healing Session


1 hour Reiki Healing Session


What our clients say

“Late last year I had a taster session of reiki, reflexology and sound bath. I had never experienced reiki or reflexology before although I had previously been to a gong (sound bath) session which I didn’t enjoy at all.  However, without exception, the whole experience was wonderful.  I normally find it very difficult to switch off and relax but during the session I managed to relax completely.  Claire is very knowledgeable and has a lovely, calming manner which is most reassuring.  I often have different treatments, at quality spas, with a variety of practitioners and therapists; some are disinterested, some are alright and a few are very good indeed.  In my opinion, Claire is amongst the best.”