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The key to your transformational and healing power lies within. I want to help you find it – and fly.

Acceptance Therapy is about creating an honest space of connectedness and confidence. About holding up that mirror you need in order to find the love and strength that will create balance and beauty for you. Whatever it looks like, and however you want to achieve it, there is nothing more empowering than yourself.

When I was 29 years old, my father was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Six weeks later, he passed. It was one in a series of losses that had followed me through my upbringing and early adulthood. Every few years, a family member left us, and the grief I carried with me eventually grew into a vast ocean I could neither master nor dampen.

It feels like a lifetime ago now.

As I stood next to my mother, opposite my father’s bed in his final moments, a dragonfly entered the hospice room. It hovered over his head, spark and calm all at once. When I came back, having gone to get my brothers and aunts, it was gone.

That dragonfly stayed with me, entering my life at different times and stages of my path, and became my father’s reassurance embodied. It also became one of the many instigating reminders I needed to take hold of and finally release my grief.

The dragonfly symbolises transformation and reassurance. My journey has shown me that the purpose of life lies in discovering and embracing yourself – your whole, entire, unapologetic self – and understanding the vast beauty you carry within.

Oftentimes, we don’t see it – and then we can’t feel it either. We search for the support and reassurance and love in others; in their knowledge and experience. The thing is, all of that lies in you. And when you accept your journey with all its good and bad throughout the years you’ve lived it, you also learn to love it.

Every single, marvellous piece of the puzzle that makes up your experience and that makes you you.

Discovering Kundalini yoga became the key for me. While I remember sitting at the very back in a session with a hundred other yogis or so, practicing the pittra kriya – an exercise centered around letting go.

As my arms moved back and forth – hinges in one of the most transformational experiences I’ve ever gone through – they also, quite literally, washed my grief away. The ocean I had carried with me for so long settled, and found a different current to flow along. Harmony and empowerment surged through my core.

Do what you like. Be who you are.

You are the total and utter centre of your own life. In order to live a fulfilling, nourishing and kind one, you must learn to love that core. The heart of your being is so beautiful and so unique it should be allowed to flourish.

To get there means being truthful and loving towards your past and your future. To map out the honest answers to what you want to achieve. What you want your life to be. The things you need to support your own self.

Together, we carve out the path. The one that’s yours and that you hold the power to transform.

Whether you’re feeling out of balance, uncertain of your next steps, burdened by grief or trauma, or at a loss for self-love and acceptance, we will chart a course. Because you have an ocean inside you, too.

It would be my privilege to guide you towards finding the flow, power and love that dwells there, in the vast beauty of yourself.

With love,

Sat Nadar

Claire Campbell Sat Nadar

Sat Nadar

Hello, I’m Sat nadar also known as Claire Campbell, my birth name. I am a person centred counsellor, as well as offering numerology, sound healing, reiki and reflexology. I teach Kundalini Yoga classes, run workshops and teacher trainings in various places in the UK.

“I have had the privilege of attending Sat Nadar’s yoga workshops, weekend retreats and level 1 teacher training . She does what she says on the tin, truthfully,compassionately and enthusiastically. A Rolls Royce of a forklift .”

Wahe Guru Phil