sound healing

Sound Therapy uses sound, music and instruments played in a therapeutic way to improve health and well-being. I have always loved gong healing and enjoyed the benefits of being a recipient of relaxing gong baths. After many years I eventually bought a Jupiter Gong and in 2019, I studied with Don Conraux and Aiden McIntyre in Italy, immersing myself in sound, and the voice. This is my most recent addition to my toolbox and I intend to go much deeper in my own experience.

Healing with sound is believed to date back to ancient Greece, when music was used for mental disorders. It has ancient roots in cultures all over the world including Australia, where Aboriginal Tribes have used the didgeridoo as a sound healing instrument for over 40,000  years. In Tibet, the himalayan singing bowls have been played in ceremonies for centuries.

I play the gong in my yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings. I also offer one to one or small groups of sound healing. This can be in combination with any other healing therapy, for example you may want reflexology, reiki and then finish the session with a deep gong bath. Or you may want to book a bespoke one to one yoga session and then finish this with a deep relaxation with the beautiful sound of gong. The choice is yours!

10 minutes Sound Healing session


30 minutes Sound Healing session


What our clients say

“Late last year I had a taster session of reiki, reflexology and sound bath. I had never experienced reiki or reflexology before although I had previously been to a gong (sound bath) session which I didn’t enjoy at all.  However, without exception, the whole experience was wonderful.  I normally find it very difficult to switch off and relax but during the session I managed to relax completely.  Claire is very knowledgeable and has a lovely, calming manner which is most reassuring.  I often have different treatments, at quality spas, with a variety of practitioners and therapists; some are disinterested, some are alright and a few are very good indeed.  In my opinion, Claire is amongst the best.”