Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2024

These unique teacher training KRI certified courses are based in Scotland and Yorkshire in 2024. I am part of the Sahej team and I have been working with this school since 2014. My brush with kundalini was in Manchester in 2008 and from the very first time I sat on the mat, I felt like I had come home. From that moment, I knew I wanted to go deeper with the Teacher Training course, which I started pretty much immediately.

The course is an adventure in consciousness, as well as teaching qualification. It is an opportunity for self-development, through giving yourself the gift of a daily dynamic yoga and meditation practice. It is a chance to commit to your own transformation through the teachings, the group processes and support of qualified and experienced teachers, so you can discover your truth and impact the world with your own unique light and gifts.

What our clients say

“✨I was blessed to meet Sat Nadar via the links to her workshops on the KYTA website and have been attending these in Ashton regularly. She is an inspiring and uplifting teacher and is extremely knowledgable. Sat Nadar encouraged me to undertake my level 1 teacher training and I have just completed the course in October under her wonderful guidance. Meeting Sat Nadar 6 years ago literally changed my life and I owe her a deep debt of gratitude. She is an inspirational and beautiful soul✨.”


Kundalini Research Institute