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2022 Energy Reading

Stepping Into Our Power
Creating A Bigger Vison

2022 is going to be a WILD ride …. Being FEARLESS is the Key!
Connect to Your Truth is the Only way of navigating through the next 12 months!
Speaking it, living it and being it! 6 is the number of the whole year which is about being Clear about ourselves.

6 is the Arc line which is part of our electromagnetic field. It is the energetic field that enables us to make choices and know what to do next… It is about protective and projective energy. It is connecting us to our self-esteem and making choices that reflect who we really are! We did not incarnate into this beautiful human existence to be controlled or manipulated. Embracing our Sovereignty, standing up for ourselves is the theme of the year. It is not a time to tolerate any injustice or inequality of any sort for ourselves but also for others. Embracing our Warrior is another aspect of 6, which can directly connect to supporting others to improve their conditions of their life…through health or education. Enjoying being with family and friends and sharing your love of beauty and grace. Meditation and Being a Living Prayer is how can connect with ourselves and know the field.On the downside of this number…if the arc line is not strong, we can withdraw and make decisions that are not good for us. Also, the arc line directly impacts our immune system, so this year is a time to focus on our health. Get out in nature, drink plenty of water and work the lymphatic system so our body can let go of waste more efficiently.

There are 2 2’s which means number 4 is important in 2022. This is the Heart centre – being in the neutral mind…. this brings balance and coherence because when we allow ourselves to process our emotions and feeling we expand…issues arise when we have a lack of completion. Coming truly into our heart, we can expand into our True Nature…being more aligned to new opportunities and experiences. What we must watch out for is not becoming too rigid and short-sighted. We may have an opinion that is different from another but how can we expand to include them without losing our own way or dismissing theirs.

Number 2 is present 3 times in 2022 so we cannot leave this reading before looking at what this means…Its about Connection and ultimately about Relationship. Our relationship we have with ourselves and our relationship with others. 2 is the feminine energy and it is receptive, sensitive, supportive and co-operative. Using our divine discrimination which is the negative mind is vital this year, so we can know what we don’t want. This means we need firm boundaries, so we can be clear about who we are in our relationships. This takes maturity, and the 2 in its shadow can be childish, which can create conflict. So, there is a need this year to grow up and expand into the possibility of who we can become to create more balance and harmony for us, our community and Mother Earth.

22 is also another power number for the year! It means long range Vision and planning. 22 is working with others because 2 is about connection and 4 is about structure and order. It’s not a time to get lost in detail and become short sighted. Staying in the heart, having compassion and keeping the welfare of others at the centre so that a change of perspective can occur. Ultimately, it’s a time to Dream big. To have a Bigger Vision, which is much bigger than you first thought.

I have created some beautiful offerings. Some in collaboration with others and some of my own.

40 Day Meditation Space: begins Monday 3rd January at 7am – 7.30am on Zoom £40

Monday Night Classes: begins Monday 3rd , &pm -8.30pm £7 per session £35 for all classes

Soul Fire Retreat Saturday 8th January – day Retreat with my beautiful soul sister Stacey

Lifestyles and Lifecycles – Friday 14th – Friday 21st January, Level 2, with my wonderful teacher Hari Har Ji.

The 21 Stages of Meditation – begins in February for 3 weekends over March and April with Hari Har ji.

Level 1 – Teacher Training in Scotland and Yorkshire begins in February and March with Hari Har Ji.

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