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40 Day Meditation
We will start the New Year with a beautiful meditation for the Heart. This will be a fresh start…a new page and positive way to begin this new time.
The mantra we will be chanting will be a perfect way to begin 2022. It will connect us to the protective and projective energy of the Heart…the Neutral Mind. This meditation will create strength, openness and intuition. The Mangal Charan mantra surrounds our magnetic field with protective light and allows us to shine bright so we can attract more of that vibration to us. It will attract more like-minded friends and people to us. Committing to this space every day together is part of our self-devotion to ourselves, grounds us in love and completely re-writes our energy system.
The Heart is the largest brain of the body, it has its own intelligence and receives the information before the brain. There has been much research done on this – if you want to look into this: Dean Radin – scientist from the Institute of Noetic Sciences, set up an experiment where volunteers were physiologically monitored to record changes in skin conduction, heart rate, blood pressure. They sat in front of a computer which randomly displayed colour photos of tranquil scenes – landscapes and scenes to shock autopsies or to arouse or to disturb. Radin found that the volunteers registered physiological responses before they saw the photo. They felt in the body prior to seeing whether it was good or bad and it was the Hear that registered it first then the brain.
Heart Coherency is when we are in the flow – our mind, body and spirit are in connection with ourselves, with each other, our environment and mother earth. We are experiencing love, compassion, kindness and this produces more consistent and coherent heart rhythms ad opposed to fear, anger and anxiety which creates a lack of flow. This has a direct effect on our field which surrounds us creating more ease or stress. It is our Choice how we decide to start out day …but beginning this way with the intention of love and space with a group of others can catapult us into a brand-new direction and new way of living which is full of connection and purpose.
We will begin every morning from Monday 3rd January at 7am – 7.30am until Friday 11th February. There will be a video that I will send to you in case you miss a morning. I will send you a write up – information, take the time to reflect and process. There will be support through the 40 days -through the group and myself.
Exchange £40
To book your place, please send me a message and complete the payment and I will send you the Zoom code and the information.
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