10 is the number that represents this month! It has a confidence and a boldness, which requires balance. The 1 is the fire of our individual soul and passion. The 0 is the collective radiance that has been burned due to the 1. Self-Illumination is a result of being in our power and living our lives in accordance with our soul. 10 represents radiance – our inner sun and manifests as being in our sovereignty and being a leader and the zero amplifies this bringing it to its completion.
What lights each of us up is very different for all of us. Each of us make choices every day that will allow us to shine or not, so there is a consequence to what we choose to do. When we stay True to who we are, we feel it and we know it. There is no need to ask questions because there are no doubts – only love and an excitement.

Speaking, using our voice to express ourselves, is an essential ingredient to this powerful month. The power of the word, 13 is the gift number of October. So, what we say is important. We can choose our words to uplift, support, heal and create or we can choose the opposite – both will create your reality!! A few days ago, I was having coffee with a friend, and we were sharing our doubts, fears and insecurities. All I saw in front of me, regardless of what she said was a radiant woman with much to offer. I told her so, she received it – that is the power of our words. This is not the time to hold back, it’s a time to be honest with each other to let others know how wonderful they are because, unfortunately, we do not always see it in ourselves. It really does not take much to choose our words to uplift or help heal a situation. This applies to ourself too, which can be a lot more difficult to do….but let’s try.

So, that said…my offerings this month will be to fan those flames of love and passion.

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