Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training 2021

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How do you see yourself and your future?

If this answer is not a reflection of the amazing human being that you are then the Teacher Training in Kundalini Yoga is something you may want to consider as your next step.

The course is much more than yoga postures and mudras; it’s a deep exploration into consciousness and self-discovery, so you can harness your beautiful light and potential.

Being part of the Sahej school for 7 years, has been a massively transformative time for me. Not only have I witnessed my own growth, but I have had the pleasure to see all the many wonderful souls who have immersed themselves into this deep journey of knowing the self.

I am part of a wonderful expanding team of teachers: Jenny, Ammanjot, Martha and of course Hari har Ji, the founder of this school. Sahej means the middle way – there is ease and grace. Teaching from this place cultivates a space that allows people to grow in their own right; to blossom and flower into who they are really meant to be.

The teachings of Kundalini are ancient, practical tools for modern times. The way we teach at Sahej is unique in honouring the lineage, but also honouring that they are not affiliated to any particular religion, race, gender, body ability or socio-economic background. It is a simple, universal practice that can be enjoyed by everyone.
Everything we teach are offerings and it is up to the individual to experience and find what works for themselves, so you can return to the natural sovereign state.

I have been training to be a teacher trainer since 2015 as part of the KRI teaching academy. It has been a structure in my life that has allowed me to to give my full attention to uplifting myself and uplifting others. It has been my journey to realise that it is everyone’s birthright to feel empowered, incredible and magnetic. So cultivating more life force energy, to cultivate the life for highest potential. Better choices are made through developing in this way, better eating, healthier activities and healthier relationships.

Developing our connection to Prana – life force – there is better well-being. There is a deeper connection to positivity, expansiveness, inter-connectedness with all living beings. Doing the inner work is a direct relationship with the inner spark; the purpose of the soul. So, to create more connection and purpose – the more of a need for a strong foundation, strong root to support this blossoming of the soul.

The training gives the practitioner experience of releasing tension, restriction, constriction, old patterns, and habits that are stuck and that cause blockages within the body through kriya, pranayama, meditation and the teachings. What comes from this is a deep relaxation into the self. The letting go of the old ways allows a flow of life force energy to build so that there is an expansion into the whole being .

From this place, everything is possible…..abundance of the natural sense of balance, personal fulfilment, deep connection and clarity of mind. The more growth of this space, the more self-love, peace, unity there is; living in a bigger reality of life with the mutual exchange and reciprocity of every living being.

Let us guide you through the next part of the journey….