Numerology : Harness Your Truth

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Numerology is a wonderful transformation tool for self-discovery, and one I have been working with for years.

By looking at your date of birth, you can really see in-depth information about who you are in your soul’s essence, what your challenges are, your strengths and what gives you fulfilment.

2020 has been one of those years we will never forget! A global pandemic has brought our planet to a standstill and potentially changed our future forever.

The frequency of this year can be seen in the numbers – 2 is all about connection and relationship. It’s about harmony and balance. In yoga, the 2 represents the ‘negative mind’ which means it is the first mind that comes into play in the thought process.
However, because of the frequency of the zeros, this cancels out the positives of the 2 which means that the 2 goes into disconnection, duality, decisions. All of this we have seen playing out this year, causing division and separation.

When we look at the frequency of 1, life was simple – there was one answer. Looking back into history, the 1800’s, 1900’s you either get the answer right or wrong. Now we are in the time of the 2 – 2000’s – and this means that one answer is not enough. It’s not just about having a different opinion; we all live in different realities. It’s much more complex and we need a strong nervous system to carry this.

The evolved 2 is about peace and unity. It is about accepting that difference is the reality of life, and as long as we come together with others – there will be difference. In this difference, however, there is magic, where we can collaborate together and create a new world which is about care for each other and our home – the planet.

Historically, differences between humans can bring up fear of The Other, simply because we have no experience with them. This is the challenge of these times. How can we truly be ourselves while holding space for others?

How do we heal this? How do we take the step towards the other?

The answer lies in knowing yourself. It is about being very clear about who you are and living your life whole heartedly without any doubt.

Numerology is an amazing resource that can support you in your process. It will help you harness your true connection with yourself, which most of us have forgotten about due to conditioning, trauma, abuse etc.

If you would like to begin to see yourself in a different way, you want to change, and would like to know more, learn about my numerology offering and book your space with me.

Looking forward to connecting with you and sharing your beautiful gifts – and supporting you in sharing your beautiful light to the world.